[Asset Sales]Real estate (FY2012)

Result (¥ billion) Target (¥ billion)
FY2012 results Cumulative results
Total of 3 years

*The figure represents the group total.
*The amount provided in the parenthesis in FY 2012 results is the target amount.

Specific measures
Items Contents
Real estate
  • Sell off real estate within in principle 3 years, except for such property such as redevelopment projects that cannot be sold off quickly
  • Convert real estate not targeted for sell into rental properties.
  • Accelerate the disposal schedule of real estate as planned in the Emergency Special Business Plan minus that property lacking economic efficiency. (sell off more than 80% of the items listed in the planned sales target by FY2012.)
  • Raise the sales target of the plan by considering the additional sell off of real estate owned by affiliated companies (¥1.6 billion)

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