[Asset Sales]Affiliated Companies (FY2012)

Result (¥ billion) Target (¥ billion)
FY2012 results Cumulative results
Total of 3 years

*The figure represents the group total.
*The amount provided in the parenthesis in FY 2012 results is the target amount.

Specific measures
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Affiliated Companies
  • Sell 45 affiliated companies within in principle 3 years, which were targeted for sell off in the Committee's report.
  • Management streamlining plans will be developed and implemented with the whole TEPCO Group for those affiliated companies not targeted for sell-off. (reduce ¥247.8 billion in 10 years*)
  • 11 companies targeted for re-organization will be consolidated/reorganized based on a 4 business/role-model.

*The consolidated cost cut effect is equivalent to ¥115.3 billion taking into account the subtraction of the amount per TEPCO business transactions.

Specific measures
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Incidental Businesses
  • The selling of internet service businesses will be accomplished by FY2012, and the disposal of Power Supply Stand businesses were completed by FY2011.

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