Safety Measures Implementation at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station

Seismic resistance improvement

Addition and Reinforcement of Pipe Supports

Addition and reinforcement of pipe supports (including conduit, cable tray and air-conditioning duct) have been implemented.

Reinforced Roof Truss of the Reactor Building

The truss (steel structure) supporting the roof of the building is reinforced by such as adding steel materials.

Reinforced Exhaust Stacks

The exhaust stacks used for ventilation are reinforced by adding pillars, etc. around them to withstand earthquake ground motion.

Reinforcement of the Overhead Traveling Crane in the Reactor Building

The overhead traveling crane used for opening the reactor lid is reinforced with reinforcing materials on the supporting sections of the rail and larger derailment prevention metal fittings in order to prevent the crane from falling down.

Reinforcement of the Fuel Handling Machine

The fuel handling machine used for fuel replacement is also reinforced by installing reinforcing materials and installing larger derailment prevention metal fittings.

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