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Press Release (Dec 18,2003)
On the Publication of "The Earth, People & Energy:TEPCO Sustainability Report 2003"
December 18, 2003

We are pleased to announce our recent publication of "The Earth,
People & Energy: TEPCO Sustainability Report 2003". This Report,
compiled annually since fiscal 1992 as data for information
disclosure on the environment, will be the 12th published by
TEPCO so far.

As last year, the Report again consists of four sections 
("Environment", "Economy", "Society", and "Integrated"). Through
these, we introduce the company's efforts and performance aimed
at integrated attainment of the "triple bottom line" (environmental
protection, economic efficiency, and social responsibility) with
a view to sustainable development.

In this year's Report, in particular, our top priority theme is
the issue of preventing a recurrence of incidents connected with
inspection and repair work inside TEPCO nuclear power stations,
from the viewpoint of "social responsibility". To this end, the
Report includes a Special Feature on our commitment to encouraging
a climate and creating a corporate system that assures compliance
with rules and regulations. 

In preparing the Report, we have always taken account of opinions
and comments from readers and the TEPCO Advisory Committee on
Environmental Affairs (*). From this year, however, our data have
been verified by an independent third party, the Shin-Nihon
Environmental Quality Research Institute . The results of this
verification are also published, to ensure even greater reliability. 

Based on comments from our readers, moreover, we have streamlined
the Report by transferring some of the information previously
included (such as the "Data" section) to the "Internet Version of
the TEPCO Sustainability Report 2003" on our website. We have also
produced the new pamphlet "TEPCO Environment Highlights 2003" which
summarizes the main points of the Report, as part of our attempt to
diversify means of providing information.

The main characteristics of the Sustainability Report 2003 are
outlined below.

(*)TEPCO Advisory Committee on Environmental Affairs: A body
   consisting of external third parties (experts, academic
   specialists, and others). It gives advice and guidance on issues
   including TEPCO's initiatives on environmental problems, and has
   met every year since fiscal 1993. 
1.Characteristics of the TEPCO Sustainability Report 2003 
2.Performance and Future Targets for Main Environmental Indicators 
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