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Press Release (Apr 23, 2013)New Electricity Rate Menus for General Households- Each Household Can Choose a Rate Menu that Optimally Supports Its Lifestyle -

Aiming to offer a variety of electricity rate menus from which each household can choose one that optimally supports its lifestyle, and to effectively use the electricity facilities by promoting peak shift, we would like to start four new electricity rate menus for general households on May 15 and begin accepting applications for the menus today.
TEPCO submitted the notification of the new reviewed rates as Optional Supply Provisions to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry today.

The four new electricity rate menus adding variations of time zones in which the unit rate is set lower or higher than the standard unit rate, will help customers reduce their electricity charge by smoothly shifting their electricity use from during day time on weekdays to night time or Saturdays and Sundays according to each of their lifestyles.

Each household can choose an electricity rate menu that optimally supports its lifestyle from the four plans shown below (see Appendix 1 for detail).

(1) "Asa Toku Plan" (Time-specific lighting "Asa Toku Plan")
(2) "Yoru Toku Plan" (Time-specific lighting "Yoru Toku Plan")
(3) "Hannichi Otoku Plan" (Time-specific lighting "Hannichi Otoku Plan")
(4) "Donichi Otoku Plan" (Day of a week specific lighting)

We are preparing "Denki Kakeibo," a simulation tool for comparing the above menus, on our website and a dial for inquiries on electricity rates to help our customers' examination.
URL of Denki Kakeibo:
Dial for inquiries on electricity rates: 0120-993-052
(Monday to Saturday [excluding Sundays and holidays] 9:00 - 17:00)

We will promote measures to effectively support our customers, such as provision of new services developed based on our customers' opinions and proposal of optimal total solutions that meet our customers' requests at the "Customer Service Company" established on April 1 this year.

Appendix 1: Outline of New Electricity Rate Menu (PDF 167KB)
Appendix 2: Unit Rate List of New Electricity Rate Menus (PDF 100KB)

·New Electricity Rate Menus
- Each Customer Can Choose a Rate Menu that Optimally Supports Its Lifestyle - (PDF 239KB)

·Announcement of the New Electricity Rate Menus

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