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October 11, 2011

Simplifying Nuclear Damage Indemnification Procedures

We sincerely apologize to residents residing near the power stations, in Fukushima Prefecture and all persons in Japan for the tremendous inconvenience and anxiety that has arisen on account of the accident at our Nuclear Power Stations (the "Accident").

While we have been processing permanent indemnification claims for damages caused by the Accident for afflicted persons, due to the excessive volume of documentation such as various application forms and instructions (the "Instructions"), we have received various comments and suggestions such as "they are hard to understand" and "the procedures are troublesome". Although originally prepared for the purpose of providing fair and smooth treatment, we apologize for the inconvenience and confusion that has arisen due to the complicated procedures.

In reflecting those comments and suggestions, we will improve the indemnification procedures by distributing a simple supplemental reference form titled, "Easy Claim Instructions" and enhancing our support system to help facilitate the claims.

Points of improvement

1.Distribution of Easy claim instructions (to individuals)

  • We will distribute a simple supplemental reference form titled, "Easy Claim Instructions." (They will be sent from October 12, 2011.)
  • If you have already filed a claim for indemnification, it is not necessary to read the Easy Claim Instructions.

2.Support to help facilitate the claims and consultations

  • We will enhance our support system via direct visits to explain how to fill in the forms, hold explanation meetings and establish face-to-face consultation booths at various locations.

3.Indemnification payment procedures reflecting the applicant's situation

  • In those cases where substantiating receipts and vouchers cannot be found, an investigation will be conducted. If deemed feasible, payment will be made.
  • It is not necessary to apply for all applicable damages at once. Partial applications are acceptable when ready.
  • In order to accelerate the indemnification process, we will pay the approved items of damages first.
  • For approved categories that are not substantiated by receipts and vouchers that were lost due to extenuating circumstances, we remain open to discuss these claims.

4.Amendment of the Agreement Form for Indemnification

  • The Sample Agreement Form inserted with the Instructions contained the following clause, "Concerning the aforementioned received amount, I will not raise any objections nor apply for additional compensation". This clause was deleted from the amended Agreement Form.

Please check the Press Release for details.

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