Corporate Information

  1. Corporate Overview
  2. Investor Relations
  3. ESG
  4. International Activities
  5. Procurement
  6. Overseas Consultancy Services
  7. R&D
  8. Open Innovation

Construction Operation & Maintenance

Thermal Power

TEPCO provides engineering services and technical assistance for introduction planning, quality control of manufacturing, installation and construction, startup and commissioning, educational planning and training, and operation and maintenance planning on thermal power stations. O&M Stage
Operation and Maintenance Stage -Preparation of O&M

1. O&M Management
Preparation / Review of Management Manual / System
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Quality
  • Security and Safety
  • Environment

2. O&M Contract
Request for Proposals for O&M
  • Scope of Services
  • Guarantee items

Pre-qualifying Possible O&M Contractors
  • Evaluation of Contractors

Review of O&M Proposal
  • Overall Schedule
  • Suppliers
  • Management Manual / System
  • Overall Quality, Environment, and Safety Control

Estimation of O&M Contract
  • Scope of O&M
  • O&M Cost

Operation and Maintenance Stage - during Commercial Operation

1. Plant Operation Management
Operation, Security and Safety, and Environment Manual / System
  • Operation and Performance Management
  • Operation Records Management
Operation, Security and Safety, and Environment Plan
Operation Staff Training
Budget Management

2. Plant Maintenance Management
Maintenance, Security and Safety, Environment Manual / System
  • Maintenance Procedure
  • Consumables and Spare Parts Control
  • Maintenance Records Management
Fundamental / Long Term Maintenance Plan
Maintenance Staff Training
Diagnostic Analysis
Budget Management

3. Equipment Anomalies Measures
Verification and Advice
Equipment Abnormalities Anomalies Reports
Inspection and Repair Work Schedule Management
Root Cause Analysis and Countermeasure
Repair Work Proposal
Repair Work Management

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