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Construction Operation & Maintenance

Hydro Power

Regarding TEPCO's hydropower plants in Japan, we have been operating 160 hydropower plants, inclusive of 8 pumped storage type, which cover more than 8,500MW of installed capacity. Also, we have performed engineering services abroad especially in Southeast Asia to date.

In view of engineering technology, we have many and various experience regarding dam, tunnel, underground powerhouse, penstock, headrace, tailrace and so on taking into consideration both of minimum cost and environmentally friendly development.

Our services are not only design and construction supervision but also operation and maintenance with the aim of achieving sustainable development and water efficiency use.

TEPCO also offers suitable engineering services for IPP hydropower projects for planning, design, construction supervision, operation and maintenance.

Total Performance Evaluation of Turbines
The interval of precision inspection is determined by result of ordinary and precision inspection, decrease rate of turbine efficiency.

Turbine Efficiency Test is one of the performance tests that are executed on the end of maintenance work.

Table: Function of test equipment for performance test
Application Function
Effciency test Monitorning water level, discharge, rotating speed,
generator output and voltage.Check turbine effciency
Load rejection test Monitoring guide vane opening generator voltage,
penstock pressure and rotating speed. Check maximum fluctuation
play check for
guide vane link mechanism
Monitoring guide vane opening, output.Check the
hysteresis between guide vane opening and generator output

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