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For the configuration of regional network, TEPCO's service covers compiling of Regional Power System Planning Manual and producing of Regional Power System Master Plan, both of which will best fit the design needs of your regional network to achieve a certain required level of system reliability. We already have the long experience of power system planning by which we have coped with the expansion of the Japanese economy.

For assessing the effect and seriousness of a possible contingency in the regional network, TEPCO can make them clear and provide the most appropriate solution by using our own software, "Expected Outage Simulating System (EOSS)". This software enable users to identify which part of the network is more vulnerable than the other by simulating line or equipment failures, indicating heavily-loaded areas so as for them to help establish reconfiguring plans for power network improvement.

Compiling of Regional Power System Planning Manual

Consultancy on Regional Power System Planning Manual According to the Area Characteristics

1. Area Characteristics
TEPCO researches the demand characteristics in the area, such as:
  • A type: Metropolitan area
  • B type: Urban area
  • C type: Rural area

2. Appropriate Power System Manual
According to the area type, the most appropriate Power System Planning Manual will be prepared.
The manual consists of the items as follows.
  • Reliability Level Standard
  • Concept of Power System Configuration
    Adjustment method of Proper Voltage, Frequency, Short-circuit/Line-to-ground Fault Restoration
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Basic Specification of Equipment

3. Achievements
This method leads to the most appropriate investment in TEPCO.
TEPCO also uses this method in the training course.

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