Corporate Information

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(Dec 22,2005)Commencement of Commercial Operation of Unit 1 of Kannagawa Hydropower Plant-- Pumped-Storage Power Plant with World's Largest Capacity --
(Dec 8,2005)Announcement on issue of the Tokyo Electric Power Company's 519th corporate bond (10-year bond)
(Nov 24,2005)New Company Founded for Ownership of LNG Ship
(Nov 8,2005)FY 2005 Mid-Term Business Results
(Oct 21,2005)Oze Designated as Japan's Candidate for Inclusion in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance
(Oct 20,2005)Tunneling completed on TEPCO Trans-Bay Gas Pipeline -- Linking of shield tunnel under central Tokyo Bay next step towards completion of gas network --
(Oct 13,2005)Comprehensive Alliance between KDDI and TEPCO Group in Telecommunication Services
(Sep 9,2005)Special Measures for Customers Damaged by Heavy Rains due to Typhoon No. 14 Regarding Electricity Rates, etc.
(Sep 5,2005)UN Registration of the "Chile Methane Recovery Project" as a CDM Project -- TEPCO Purchases of Approximately 2 Million Tons of Carbon Credit --
(Sep 2,2005)Commencement of Joint Development of Service Electric Vehicle for TEPCO -- Development of Commercial EV with "Subaru R1e" as a Base --
(Aug 16,2005)New company founded for joint ownership of LNG ship
(Aug 8,2005)TEPCO and Tokyo Gas Announce LNG Sales Agreement on Darwin LNG Project
(Aug 5,2005)Current Status of Major Uses of Asbestos at TEPCO
(Aug 2,2005)Financial Results for 1st Quarter of Fiscal Year 2005
(Jun 29,2005)TEPCO to invest in Paiton I Project, East Java First Japanese power company to invest in Indonesia's IPP business
(May 25,2005)Announcement on issue of the Tokyo Electric Power Company's 517th corporate bond (10-year bond)
(May 10,2005)Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2004
(Apr 13,2005)Announcement on issue of the Tokyo Electric Power Company's 516th corporate bond (10-year bond)
(Mar 28,2005)FY 2005 Management Plan
(Mar 7,2005)Recording the Highest Total Electricity Demand per Day in Winter
(Feb 8,2005)First to Third Quarter Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2004
(Feb 7,2005)Commercial Operation Started in Vietnam's Phu My 2-2 Natural Gas Power Generation Project
(Feb 4,2005)Manual Shut Down of No.1 unit at Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Station
(Jan 21,2005)Announcement on issue of the Tokyo Electric Power Company's 515th corporate bond (10-year bond)
(Jan 14,2005)Notification of the Last Resort Supply Agreement
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