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TEPCO has accomplished stable and reliable power system to achieve high quality power supply. To realize the well-balance performance, TEPCO improves protection performance, develops various protection systems and uses appropriate controller etc.

Transmission Network
Electric Energy Storage

Improvement in System Performance

Distribution Systems Protection Scheme (System Operation) Development of Special Protection System
Power flow, transient stability, voltage stability and system frequency in the future bulk power system is studied in regards to severe faults in order to estimate the needs for a special protection system, which can prevent a disturbance area from expanding. If a cascading fault is expected, the application of a Special Protection System (hereinafter, SPS) is considered and requirements for the SPS are found out based on a great number of data . Functional specifications are also determined so as to fulfill the requirements. TEPCO has developed and operated several types of SPSs.

[Previous project]
Project: Preparation of Technical Guidelines and Review of TNB Protection and Control Technical Specifications
Client: TNB (Malaysia)
Period: January 2003 - August 2004
In order to standardize and optimize the design work of TNB’s protection system, the Technical Guidelines for protection system, which describes basic design philosophy as well as is placed between Code of Practice and Technical Specification, was established. The Technical Guidelines referred to the COP as well as TEPCO practice and experience on protection system. The existing Protection and Control Technical Specification was comprehensively reviewed in reference to the Technical Guideline.

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