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If it is impossible for a general design to realize facility safety to the high reliability requirement to the facility, special examination / design technology of TEPCO can realize the reliability.
While collapse is expected for the facility such as a transmission steel tower etc. built based on the general design, special examination / design technology of TEPCO can avoid it.

Transmission Network

Overhead Transmission Line Compact Transmission Technology
Boosting the Voltage with the Least Modification to the Existing Overhead Transmission Facilities

The Aim and Effect of this Technology
  • Boost up the Transmission Voltage to
    154kV from 66kV
  • with the Least Modification,
    No Re-construction
  • Remarkable Cost Reduction
  • Useful for the Built-up Areas
  • The Arm Insulators and Spacers ensure
    enough insulation.

  • We can propose the following studies that are required:
    • Insulation Studies at the New Voltage
    • Arrangements of Spacers considering the Conductor Swaying by Winds
    • Total Strength Checks, etc.


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