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TEPCO has accomplished stable and reliable power system to achieve high quality power supply. To realize the well-balance performance, TEPCO improves protection performance, develops various protection systems and uses appropriate controller etc.

Transmission Network
Electric Energy Storage

Transmission Network

Distribution Systems Protection Scheme (System Operation) Fault Outage Reduction Measures
For system reliability improvement, quality improvement of each type of equipment (switches, transformers, arresters, etc.) and of materials (poles, wires, cables, etc.) should be required. Moreover, construction quality improvement is also important for setting such equipment and materials. In this category, based on the analysis of past fault data, causes should be cleared on the present situation. Then, TEPCO can consult (support, advise) to plan necessary countermeasures to the cleared causes.

The examples of countermeasures are as follows:
•  Lightning Protection Measures; arrester, transformer with a built-in arrester,overhead grounding wire, discharged cramp, etc.
•  Contact Prevention Measures; insulated wire
•  Snow Damage Prevention Measures; snow accumulation prevention wire
•  Water Permeation Prevention Measures; XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene)

TEPCO can consult (support, advise) on "Fault Outage Reduction Measures" by using our past experiences and achievements for higher reliability realization.

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