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(April 27,2018 Update)


Presentations Annual Report Factbook Tepco  illustrated

The Factbook, a compendium of business and financial data on TEPCO, in PDF format

The entire Factbook
Table of Contents
Power Demand
Financial Performance Highlights (Consolidated)
ROA and ROE (Consolidated)
Equity Ratios (Consolidated)
Interest Bearing Debt Outstanding and Debt Equity Ratios
Maintenance Expenses
Personnel Expenses and Number of Employees
Age Distribution of Employees (as of March 31, 2018)
Fuel Expenses and Crude Oil Prices (All Japan CIF)
Fuel Consumption
Nuclear Power Plant Capacity Utilization Ratios
Thermal Power Efficiency
Interest Paid and Average Interest Rate
Capital Expenditures and Depreciation Expenses (Consolidated)
Power Generation Capacity by Energy Sources (TEPCO Only)
Power Generated by Energy Sources (TEPCO Only)
PER and EPS (Consolidated)
PBR and BPS (Consolidated)
Dividend Payout Ratios and Dividend Yields (Consolidated)
Shareholder Compositions by Type of Investors
Historical Share Prices and Trading Volumes (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Balance Sheets (Consolidated)
Statements of Income (Consolidated)
Statements of Cash Flows (Consolidated)
Operating Results


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