TEPCO is prioritizing safety while steadily moving forward with each and every task needed to decommission the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and reduce risks as we aim to "balance recovery with decommissioning."
We are making every effort to convey accurate information about initiatives pertaining to ALPS treated water, etc. which is part of the decommissioning process, so as to obtain the understanding of society as a whole.

What is ALPS Treated Water?
Attention: Open Call for Tritium Separation Technology



Quick measurement results by each organization
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Video using computer graphics "Overview of transfer/dilution facility" was released.
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ALPS Treated Water Conditions of Discharging into the Sea

❶ ALPS Treated Water, etc. Conditions

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Confirmation Facility Conditions

❸ Dilution/Discharge Facility Conditions

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❹ Sea Area Monitoring Results

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