❹Sea Area Monitoring Results

Disclosure of monitoring results

In accordance with the government's basic policy on ALPS treated water we have strengthened monitoring of seawater (outside of the harbor), fish, and seaweed (specimen sampling commenced on April 20, 2022) in order to continually check of the dispersion of primarily tritium in seawater and the status of marine organisms. Monitoring results are being disclosed on our website.

No significant change has been detected. (as of month day, year)

Click any of the monitoring points on the map to view a graph of the monitoring results

=Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station =Discharge outlet

Seawater monitoring points

  • 港湾内
  • Within 3km
  • Within 20km
  • Outiside 20km

Fish/seaweed monitoring points

  • Fish within 20km
  • Seaweed within 20km

The Overarching Radiation monitoring data Browsing System around Japan is a website that gathers sea area monitoring measurements taken from various locations that have been disclosed by TEPCO as well as related ministries/agencies and local governments, etc., and displays them on a map format for easy viewing thereby providing objective and comprehensive data on sea conditions.

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