3. The Future Action Plans

3.1 Mid- and-long-term Plans

Hereafter, we will focus on such activities as the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi NPS Units 1 to 4 while maintaining their 'cold shutdown conditions'. In late December 2011, in conjunction with the government, we formulated a mid-and-long term decommissioning plan.

The roadmap shows the three phases leading up to the end of the decommissioning.

Phase 1: In 2 years, begin the process of fuel removal from the spent fuel pools

Phase 2: In 10 years, begin removing fuel debris (solidified fuels and claddings that had melted).

Phase 3: In 30-40 years, complete fuel debris removal and the processing and disposal of radioactive waste.

Figure 12. Mid-and-long Term Roadmap

Figure 12. Mid-and-long Term Roadmap

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