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Promoting communication through IR activities

TEPCO places high value on mutual communication with shareholders and investors, and places importance on IR activities to further improve business.

Providing IR information by means of various tools

To enhance business transparency and to incorporate external views in management decisions, we actively disclose information relevant to our shareholders and investors by means of annual reports and other such publications and our Internet website.
A host of IR information is available on our website, including management policies, financial results and other financial data, various reports such as investment reports and quarterly reports, annual reports, and performance reports, fact books, materials disclosed to the securities market, presentation materials (including videos), and FAQs.

  • Website

"Investor Relations" page

  • Publications

Introduces TEPCO's financial status (issued annually)

Information for shareholders (Japanese only)

Explanatory meetings and tours

For our corporate investors and securities analysts, we hold an explanatory meeting to announce our business management plan at least once a year (end of March) and explanatory meetings to announce financial results at least twice a year (2Q (interim results), 4Q (full-year results)). After the closing of accounts, TEPCO management members personally visit and hold direct exchange of views with institutional investors inside and outside of Japan.
We also offer tours of our facilities, such as our power plants and research laboratories, so our investors may deepen their understanding of TEPCO's operations.
The views obtained through these IR activities are shared across the board and used to improve business activities and increase TEPCO's corporate value.

  • Explanatory meetings

IR Briefing Session

  • Facility tours

TEPCO showroom tour

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