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Comfortable lifestyles based on electricity

TEPCO is recommending all-electric homes to residential customers under the slogan, "Switch! to low-carbon lifestyles." Recognizing the safety, comfort, economic efficiency, and environmental performance of all-electric homes, more than 95% of customers who have built an all-electric home say they are satisfied with the result.
We will continue to support comfortable lifestyles through the use of electricity.

Universal designs

To allow as many people as possible to lead safe and comfortable lifestyles through the use of electricity, we offer a variety of universally designed services at our showrooms.
For example, we produced a DVD that introduces how to select and use IH appliances, complete with closed captions, narrations, and sign language, so that elderly people and vision/hearing-impaired persons can easily understand.
Seeking to add comfort and safety to the daily living environments of our broad group of customers that include elderly and disabled persons, we also conducted surveys and studies and used the result to create the "Guidebook on All-electric Homes for Senior Citizens" as one of our universal design services. By sharing the knowledge we have acquired through these surveys and studies with product manufacturers, we contribute to the development of universal products that are easy to use by everyone. In local communities, we promote the use of IH cooking heaters for safe daily living, in cooperation with local governments and social welfare facilities.

"Guide to safe living"-Guidebook on all-electric homes for senior citizens (Japanese only)

"Comfortable kitchen life using an IH cooking heater"-Introductory DVD with closed captions, narrations, and sign language

Cooking class for the visually impaired
(hosted by the TEPCO Chiba Branch Office)

Provision of useful information on electricity

  • Proposals for comfortable living

The TEPCO Lifestyle Laboratory investigates and tests various electric appliances from the standpoint of users, and provides advice on how to select and use appliances that match each customer's needs, proposes energy-saving lifestyles, and provides other useful information. Along with the Switch! website, the Lifestyle Laboratory website comprehensively promotes convenient and comfortable living based on electricity.

Lifestyle Laboratory website

Switch! website (as of August 2010)

  • Information on electricity safety

Customers can learn about the safe use of electricity from our safety information booklets and website.

Booklet on electricity safety (Japanese only)

Booklet on electromagnetic fields (Japanese only)

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