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TEPCO widely communicates with a diverse group of stakeholders in its business activities.
Their views and requests are used to improve business operations and to retain strong customer trust.

Enhancement of customer services

At TEPCO, our goal is to provide services that are appreciated by our customers, and to continue building trust relationships.
Every month, we receive about 30,000 customer opinions through various dialogue opportunities. These opinions are shared across the Company, and are used to improve business operations and create new services.

Using customer feedback

Our offices and departments examine and analyze customer feedback to obtain clues for improving services and business operations. At customer service centers in each area, CS analysts play a central role in improving the quality of TEPCO services and operations in line with customer needs.

Meeting between CS analysts

Utilization of customer feedback

*1 Customer feedback is entered into an internal system, for use by all employees. *2 Based on the analysis results, an internal committee (Echo Committee) discusses new services and measures for improving quality.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Since FY1987, we conduct customer satisfaction surveys to assess our customers' satisfaction in the responses and work behaviors of TEPCO employees who process customer requests, such as those regarding relocation procedures or changes in ampere capacity by telephone or home visits. The results of the surveys are used to improve our operations and provide better services to our customers. We send out questionnaires to about 200,000 customers throughout the year. Results of the FY2008 survey showed that 93.9% of our customers are satisfied with our telephone services, and 93.4% are satisfied with our home-visit services.

Results of customer satisfaction surveys

(Note) Figures represent the sums of the top two responses of "Fully satisfied" and "Satisfied," among five responses indicating the level of satisfaction regarding services.

Services that have been improved by customer feedback

  • The Switch! card application form has been improved.

The Switch! card application form now allows customers to enter up to three electricity contracts to be paid by credit card, so that customers who have multiple electricity contracts in a single location of electricity use can apply for credit card payment of multiple contracts with the same application form. This has been made possible with the cooperation of card operating companies.
Additionally, the conventional application form required customers to cut and paste part of the form to create a return envelope, but for more convenience to our customers, we now enclose a separate return envelope with the application form.
Finally, we have enlarged the printed text of the application form and provided more space for customers to fill in the required information.

  • A flowchart of the standard process of introducing residential photovoltaic systems has been added to the Electricity Contract and Design handbook for people engaging in the design and marketing of residential houses.

In response to growing public interest in environmental performance and the dissemination of photovoltaic systems accompanying the new solar power purchase system, we have included an outline of the installation of photovoltaic systems, from application to payment, as well as wiring examples, in the Electricity Contract and Design handbook.

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