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The TEPCO Group's basic mission is to deliver electricity to society in a safe and stable manner. Based on this commitment, we will pursue new social and environmental roles in "leading the low-carbon era" as we contribute to creating affluent and comfortable lifestyles.

We will take the opportunity of today's changes in energy and environmental situations to make a new start.

The TEPCO Group has struggled through a difficult business environment as a result of changes brought about by the liberalization of the electricity market and damages suffered by Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station in the Niigata-Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake. However, we worked steadily to overcome each challenge while also making Group-wide efforts to improve our services, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, and continued to deliver safe and stable supplies of electricity,an indispensable element of modern society.

If we turn our eyes to society, we see many changes taking place. In addition to changes in the social structure caused by the rapid aging of society due to a declining birthrate, decreasing population, and changes in the industrial structure, major changes are also occurring in relation to the energy and environment situation, as can be seen in the development of energy-saving technologies, the global warming issue, and the increase in energy consumption primarily in Asia.

Such changes can be expected to have diverse impacts on our Group. However, rather than simply responding to them, we will take the opportunity of these changes to delve deeper into, or more widely expand, the business activities we have cultivated so far, and pursue forward-looking management.

Based on this awareness, we have established a new management vision called "2020 Vision: Medium to Long-term Growth Declaration" in September 2010, to make a new start toward the next ten years.

We will maintain sound management practices to ensure stable electricity supply and to earn the trust of society.

The TEPCO Group will continue to ensure energy security, deliver stable supplies of low-cost, eco-friendly electricity, and provide energy services that meet customer satisfaction, based on trust from society and local communities where we operate.

We conduct our business by operating nuclear plants, transmission and distribution lines, and a host of other facilities, but we can only do so with the understanding and cooperation of local communities. We realize that trust from all members of society is essential to our business activities, and believe in making untiring, continuous efforts to earn stronger trust.

In any age, we will strive to win even greater confidence by fulfilling our foremost social responsibility of providing stable supplies of electricity, while maintaining open channels of communication with our stakeholders.

We will make active and integrated efforts to reduce carbon levels from society as a leader of the low-carbon era.

The TEPCO Group will keep advancing, to pursue new social and environmental initiatives. We will make active and integrated efforts to reduce carbon from all aspects of the energy chain, from the power generation to utilization stages, or from the electricity supply side to demand side. We will also expand the use of high-efficiency, low-carbon energy abroad, based on the human resources and technologies we have cultivated so far through our domestic electricity business.

By "leading the low-carbon era" through these efforts and by striking a balance with corporate profit, we wish to realize sustainable growth and share the fruits of our achievements with society.

As stated in the TEPCO Group Management Principle, "We will contribute to creating affluent and comfortable environments by providing optimum energy services." Our idea of "affluent and comfortable environments" is a sustainable society that is not only convenient and comfortable to live in, but that is filled with spiritual affluence and harmonizes with nature.
By pursuing a new vision, the TEPCO Group will pave the way toward an affluent and comfortable future befitting the coming times.

Masataka Shimizu
Tokyo Electric Power Company

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