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Construction Operation & Maintenance


TEPCO executes consistent consultancy of construction plan, investigation, design, and construction management and final inspection of substation construction. We pursue "Optimal quality and modest cost" of the substation construction and conserve the natural environment enough. Highly Reliable Substation Design
Merit of highly reliable design
  • Achievement of substation which has high capability to keep providing electricity
  • Optimization of investment per effect in reliability design
  • Increase of equipment total life expectancy

TEPCO technologies achieve high reliability
(1) Performance evaluation methodology of equipment based upon trouble experience
(2) Substation design knowledge which suits operational aspects and character of fault
(3) Protection system which promptly cuts off fault area
(4) Diagnosis technology which adequately detects abnormalities and Symptoms of equipment
(5) Design of disaster prevention measures
  • Fire (contains transformer explosion-proof measures) etc.
  • Earthquake
  • Flood damage
  • Salt contamination
  • Lightning


[275kV GIT]

[500kV GCB]