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Construction Operation & Maintenance

Underground Transmission Line

TEPCO has a wealth construction experience in underground power system. Many other utilities (subways, communication cable and water pipes, and other objects) run below the narrow roads in density-populated area, Tokyo. We have a lot of achievements in design, construction technology regarding with power cable tunnel, cable installation and cooling system. We can provide high level and quality consultancy services on Master Plan, Feasibility Study and so on. Construction Technologies of Power Cable Tunnel
TEPCO has a wealth construction experience in power cable tunnel projects and has accumulated design, construction technology and relevant study results as well as maintenance technology on power cable tunnel.
TEPCO would like to supply high level and excellent consultancy services to clients by making good use of those abilities.

TEPCO's Power Cable Tunnel

(Installed Power Cable and Tunnel)

(Tunnel Under Construction)

The consultancy services that TEPCO can supply are: img03
(1) Master Plan: To authorize basic conditions such as terminals, grade of voltage, required capacity and type of transmission.
(2) Feasibility Study: According to the master plan and site survey, to study about tunnel route, location of shaft outline of construction method, cost and period of construction.
(3) Basic Design: To fix route and alignment of tunnel, location of shaft, and construction method. To estimate rough cost and period of construction.
(4) Detail Design: To make detail design, calculation, and dimensions of tunnel, shaft and accessories. To estimate actual cost and period of construction.
(5) Bid & Supervision: To prepare bid documents, to have bid and to contract. To supervise construction work, regarding quality, safety, period, and cost. To review environment impact to outside such as inhabitants and existing objects.

TEPCO's technologies in tunnel construction are:
  1. Selection of Tunnel Route and Shaft Location.
  2. Selection of Most Suitable Construction Method.
  3. Prediction, Monitoring and Evaluation of Impact on Existing Objects and Environment.
  4. Construction Management.

Details of each technology are described as follows.

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