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Construction Operation & Maintenance


TEPCO executes consistent consultancy of construction plan, investigation, design, and construction management and final inspection of substation construction. We pursue "Optimal quality and modest cost" of the substation construction and conserve the natural environment enough. Underground Transmission Line Design
1. We provide a highly reliable substation design for the Tokyo metropolitan area.
2. We have the expertise to design and build a compact underground substation that meets various budget, reliability, and environmental requirements.

Some of the factors we examine are:
  1. Structural design of substation
  1. Optimal layout of equipment
    • Minimizing cost and maximizing maintenance flexibility
    • Insulation design between equipment and substation structure
  1. Cooling System
    • Robust cooling system design and its operation
  1. Earthing design, noise/vibration suppression, and fire / flood prevention of substation

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