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Construction Operation & Maintenance

Overhead Transmission Line

Over the years, TEPCO has coped successfully with the various challenging issues facing overhead transmission lines. The issues include how to build mechanically robust transmission facilities which withstand harsh inclement conditions, such as severe thunderstorms, typhoons, heavy icy rain and snow, and salty rains, etc. We also succeeded in minimizing the effects of corona discharge emitted from wires as well as of thunderbolts, while we need to ensure that we find the exact location of a flashover once a tower is hit by a lightning. We are sometimes required to put transmission towers in a very limited space or reconstruct in urban congested areas, or put towers in a mountainous area, both of which we finished successfully by redesigning the towers so as to fit the environment.

Therefore, if you face similar issues, TEPCO's consulting services are exactly what you need. We would help you find the best solution for design, construction, maintenance, diagnosis with aging, voltage upgrading, fault locating, accurate distance measurement to ambient structures and other miscellaneous issues.

Laser Distance Measurements for Transmission Lines
Clearance Distance Measurements from Overhead Conductors to Trees below using Eye-Safe Laser radar system mounted on the Helicopter.


The Aim and Effect of this Measurements
  1. Fast & Low Cost Method for Masses of Measurements
  2. Very Few Errors and Reliable Data Management System for the Tree Clearance
  3. Patrolling can be also performed in the Measuring Flights.
  4. The System includes Swing by Winds, Sagging and Growth of Trees.


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