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Construction Operation & Maintenance

Underground Transmission Line

Inspection for Partial Discharges or Another abnormal situation in Oil-Filled Joint

Example of oil-sampling by using An insulated connector
under voltage applied situation.

The Aim and Effect of this Analysis
  1. Detecting a Sign of Breakdown at the Early Stage
    • TEPCO has over 200 dismantling Oil-Filled Joints data.
  2. Setting Proper Intervals of Oil Analysis including Dissolved Gas Analysis,Moisture Content Test, Dielectric Test, and Tan.
    • TEPCO can propose new gas diagnosis method using only 2 types of gas
      (C2H2 and TCG).
      (TCG means Total of Combustible Gas)
  3. Applying Insulated Connectors, No Planned Stoppage is needed.
  4. For the Reliability Improvement & Total Cost Suppression

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