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Construction Operation & Maintenance

Distribution Systems

TEPCO can offer educational programs on distribution engineering based on its own programs for TEPCO's distribution engineers. The educational programs can be flexibly tailored to a client's needs and proficiency level.
TEPCO has taken measures against faults caused by natural factors and equipment defects, represented by discharge clamp to prevent breakage of insulated wires due to lightning, as well as a quality management system for distribution equipment. These measures have resulted in a System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) of 2 minutes in TEPCO (as of FY2005). Through its experience and know-how, TEPCO can provide consultancy services on prevention of these forced faults in order to reduce outage durations.
By introducing an Automated Distribution System, quicker restoration from accidents is made possible, and quality of service is improved for affected customers.
This not only reduces the labor work of operating switchgears at a site, but enables us to make the utmost use of distribution lines with sufficient capacity.
TEPCO established the "Distribution Equipment Engineering Center" as a technical organization for distribution equipment. The center's work includes quality control, troubleshooting, cost reduction, and training for engineers using its own test devices. TEPCO can provide consultancy services on these areas at the center. Fault Outage Reduction Measures
For system reliability improvement, quality improvement of each type of equipment (switches, transformers, arresters, etc.) and of materials (poles, wires, cables, etc.) should be required. Moreover, construction quality improvement is also important for setting such equipment and materials. In this category, based on the analysis of past fault data, causes should be cleared on the present situation. Then, TEPCO can consult (support, advise) to plan necessary countermeasures to the cleared causes.

The examples of countermeasures are as follows:
• Lightning Protection Measures;
arrester, transformer with a built-in arrester,
overhead grounding wire, discharged cramp, etc.
• Contact Prevention Measures;
insulated wire
• Snow Prevention Measures;
snow accumulation prevention wire
• Water Tree Prevention Measures;
XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) cable

TEPCO does consultancy service on "Fault Outage Reduction Measures" by using our past experiences and achievements for higher reliability realization.

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