Customer Communication

Changing account names

Our electricity services contract is currently in my father's name and the bill is automatically deducted from his bank account. However, I would like to change these from my father to me.
You will need to submit an application for change of contract name and an application for automatic deduction. You can do this over the telephone by calling your local TEPCO Customer Center.

Changing the contract name will automatically suspend deductions from the original bank account. A separate application is needed to begin deductions from a new bank account. Please call your local TEPCO Customer Center, and they will send you the appropriate application form. Alternatively, you may use either of the following methods.
  • If you use Internet banking services, we will not have to send you a form, meaning you can complete the application quickly.
  • Otherwise, go to the banks or post office you are planning to use and fill out an automatic deduction for application form there. This is also a relatively fast method.
Please note that it may take about one month to complete the procedures from the time you submit your application form. During this time, we will send you an application form; please take it to any banks, post office, or convenience store, and make the appropriate payment.

Once the procedure is complete, we will let you know by postcard.

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