Source of Value Creation

The TEPCO Group's intellectual capital is its source of strength. It is what sets the Group apart from competitors in Japan and overseas and solidifies its competitive advantage.
We are undertaking further research and development and business development activities in new fields as well as in the energy supply value chain encompassing fuel procurement, power generation, power transmission and distribution, electricity sales, and provision of services. We are translating the Group's knowledge, skills and expertise into explicit knowledge, based on which we strive to achieve innovations.
To maximize the value created by our intellectual capital, we are implementing strategic investment and forming business alliances based on an open innovation platform. Further to such technological initiatives, we are striving to embody the created value by applying our comprehensive strength fostered through the reinforced Group-wide business foundation.

  • Number of patents applied for


    (cumulative total from FY 2001 to FY 2018)

  • Research and development expenditure

    18.7 billion yen

    (FY 2018)

Location of TEPCO Research Institute

TEPCO Research Institute, or TRI, is located in Yokohama city, and is 20km away from Tokyo.
As you may know, Yokohama is one of the largest city in Japan, and famous as a port city.

Access:TEPCO Research Institute (TRI)

Access:From Narita / Haneda Airport to JR Kawasaki Station

Organizational Structure of TRI

Here is the organization of TRI.
TRI has 6 department or offices, and total number of TRI members is about 250.
Researchers belong to three offices, those are Management Strategy Research office, R&D Department, and Business Development office.
We have economic think tank function at Management Strategy Research Office.

Half of the members are researchers, others are such as economists, engineers, and staff members.

Our Technology

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