The "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters" (established on January 1, 2013) manages the revitalization work of all the offices located in Fukushima Prefecture. Its goal is to take swift and integral decisions related to the compensation provided for the victims of the nuclear disaster, decontamination, revitalization, and other matters. Their efforts are focused on responding to all the needs of the people in Fukushima Prefecture. They report their results at periodic press conferences with the representative and similar events.
The revitalization of Fukushima is the starting point of our mission to become a vital part of Fukushima Prefecture and fulfill our duties there. In addition to our earnest efforts to continue providing compensation for the victims, we want to cooperate with the national government and municipalities to further enhance our policies, which aim to revitalize Fukushima Prefecture and restore the lives of the disaster victims.

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