Open Innovation

Establishment of Open Innovation Platform

The TEPCO Group utilizes revolutionary technologies, services, and ideas in order to create new value and find solutions for the issues faced by the company and the society in general.
In particular, we are promoting the use of the "open innovation" methods, which allow us to bring in new technologies and ideas from various companies, startups, researchers, research institutes, and other sources around the world in order to create new value and find solutions for the issues we cannot solve on our own in a timely fashion.
We have several open innovation tools available. In order to approach companies, research institutes, and other organizations overseas, we search for information and technologies by requesting proposals through our online platform and by hiring technology research companies. When necessary, we post requests for the information or technologies our Company and its Group need on our online platform called "TEPCO CUUSOO." The platform allows anyone to simply register and view the required information or technologies. We are looking forward to any suggestions, ideas, and technology information that could help us tackle various issues.

We look forward to co-create innovation for a safe and bright future.

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