Establishment of Fukushima Products Promotion Office

On February 1 2018, we established a new organization called "Fukushima Products Promotion Office" in order to enhance and accelerate the activities related to the promotion of products from Fukushima Prefecture, aiming to restore its reputation. This is the responsibility we have as the main party involved in the accident.

In the past, the Fukushima Headquarters direct control and Revitalization Coordination Department of the Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters played a pivotal role in managing the office of the Fukushima Supporting Companies Network, organizing events in cooperation with retailers in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, and other efforts to restore the reputation of the prefecture. In the future, however, we want to integrate our activities to restore the reputation of the prefecture within "Fukushima Products Promotion Office." We are going to expand the scope of the existing efforts while actively engaging in new endeavors. This is to make sure our duty towards Fukushima is fulfilled.

Partnership for revitalization of Fukushima

The Fukushima Supporting Companies Network, a communication council consisting of likeminded companies intent on dispelling unfounded rumors regarding Fukushima associated with the nuclear accidents, was launched in November 2014 in response to our call.
As of February 2020, there are 137 member companies, each of which promotes, in its own way, the purchase of goods produced in Fukushima and the use of facilities located in Fukushima. They share information among themselves and encourage others to join their activities.
The council will steadily continue its activities while expanding its membership base in order to not only dispel unfounded rumors but also prevent public interest in Fukushima and people's motivation to support the prefecture from waning over time.

Inspection visit in FY 2017 by the Fukushima Supporting Companies Network (Food tasting at Onahama Fish Market)

Recent activities [FY 2015 and FY 2016]

Promotion of the purchase of food ingredients produced in Fukushima by staff canteens
  • Consumption amount of rice: 764 tons, 816 tons
  • Offering of special meals: about 31,000 meals, about 43,000 meals
Organization of "corporate marché" (farm-to-market events)
  • Sales amount: about ¥115 million, about ¥140 million
  • Number of times events held: 306 times, 354 times
Spread of the use of products produced in Fukushima for presents and mementoes
  • Amount of purchase: about ¥9 million, about ¥20 million
  • *

    Each of the figures above is the total of the amounts recorded by member companies where such records are available (including the TEPCO Group's results)

Wine produced in Fukushima shared with the world

Promoted by our own employees who have been engaged in the restoration of Fukushima, the Japan Wine Innovation Society (JWIS) was established with a focus on the potential of wine production to become a new agricultural industry in the Hama-dori area. JWIS cooperates with residents in the local community to achieve its goal to start shipping its wine, which is expected to serve as a symbol of the revitalization of Fukushima, by the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.
The effort to produce wine was launched in cooperation with Kawauchi Village as one of the "New Tohoku" leading model projects for fiscal 2015 conducted under the Reconstruction Agency. In the spring of 2016, 2,000 wine grape vines were planted with cooperation from volunteers and supporters to start trial cultivation. In the spring of 2017, about 8,000 additional grape vines were planted, extending the vineyard to around three hectares.
With the hope that in the near future Fukushima will be talked about as being an emerging wine-producing area, we will continue our activities in cooperation not only with Kawauchi Village but also other wine-producing areas in the prefecture so that our wine production will grow into an industry that ensures sustainable local development.

J-Village Restoration Project

Owned by Fukushima Prefecture, J-Village has been used by TEPCO since the Fukushima nuclear accident as a base for decommissioning activities and revitalization promotion.
J village was opened partially on July 28 2018 and was opened completely on April 20 2019.
J-Village, which has one of the best soccer facilities in Japan, is expected to be used as a national training center for national and various other events. The site also aims to be used for the events related to the international games held in 2019 and 2020.
TEPCO's full support is given to resume the operation of J-Village, which serves as a symbol of the revitalization of Fukushima.

Efforts to share information on post-disaster revitalization with the world

It is important for the world to be aware of the progress of ongoing revitalization efforts.
We have been spreading the word through key opinion leaders in industry, science, and regions with nuclear power plant sites through international conferences and communication with local residents in those regions, and by visiting the U.K., U.S., France and the Ukraine to seek cooperation and information exchange. We have also reached out to international media outlets in an effort to encourage the spread of accurate information in a timely fashion.
We will continue to actively introduce the latest information about the steady progress of revitalization efforts in Fukushima to overseas stakeholders to ensure the accident is never forgotten and unfounded rumors do not spread in the international community.

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