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Our Business

JERA and other TEPCO Group companies have made effective use of management resources, expertise, and technology that the Group has acquired in their efforts to expand business areas around the world.
In particular, the consulting services that we have provided to electricity companies overseas by drawing on the kind of technological competence and expertise that have achieved steady electricity supply in highly overcrowded areas have shown remarkable growth. More than 600 consultation services have so far been provided in about 70 countries.

Thermal Power Generation (MACC)

The fuel and thermal power generation business of TEPCO Fuel & Power is roughly divided into four groups: domestic power generation, overseas power generation, fuel procurement, and transportation/trading. Of these, the core business is domestic power generation.

Nuclear Power Generation

TEPCO promotes efforts to ensure the promotion of nuclear safety reform, locally oriented activities, and improvement of technological competence in order to achieve our determination to never forget the Fukushima nuclear accident and to become a nuclear power company that continues to maintain unparalleled safety through constant efforts to ensure day-by-day safety improvement.

Research and Exchange

TEPCO seeks to extend the scope of its international activities in the search for new business opportunities overseas by leveraging the Company's broad expertise and technical capabilities accumulated in the Japanese power industry since its founding in 1951 through to the current day. The TEPCO Group continues the pursuit to improve corporate value based on a combined "sense of responsibility and competition".

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  • Open Innovation

    TEPCO has been tackling challenges together with engineers and researchers from all over the world.

  • R&D

    TEPCO is supporting a research and development (R&D) program aimed at providing guaranteed safety. The highest priority has been placed on assuring safety, sustainable development and environmental protection, so the public can rest assured that we are worthy of their trust.

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