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April 1, 2016
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

Ownership of the copyright of this site

All copyrights to information, company logos, trademarks, sound, pictures, and other materials on the TEPCO Web Site, and all other rights are reserved by TEPCO unless otherwise noted.
Any use, without TEPCO's prior written permission, of any material for purposes other than personal use and uses such as reproduction or misappropriation in whole or part of any material or alteration thereof are prohibited.


TEPCO posts information only after carefully checking it; however, TEPCO does not make any warranty with respect to any or all contents of TEPCO Material, the accuracy, correctness and/or fitness for a particular purpose of use thereof. TEPCO takes no responsibility for any damage caused by using the TEPCO Web Site or caused through information in the TEPCO Web Site.
Information on the TEPCO Web Site can be changed or amended without notice and the maintenance of the TEPCO Web Site may be temporarily suspended or discontinued at any time.

Use of Links

If you would like to setup links to TEPCO Web Site, please give TEPCO advance notice of user name, telephone number, e-mail address, URL (web site address) of the link source, TEPCO's URL of the linked site and the starting date of the link.
Web sites that may create the misleading impression among internet users that said company is somehow related to TEPCO; inappropriate web sites that may damage TEPCO's reputation and credibility; and those that may offend public order and morals are strictly prohibited from linking to the TEPCO Web Site.

Notes on Reproducing and Citing the Information and Images (Videos Included) from Our Website

You are not required to submit any type of application, written or otherwise, to reproduce or cite the photos and videos included in "Photos and Videos Library."
When reproducing or citing those materials, include the following reference: "Source: Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings"
To reproduce or cite other information and images (videos included) from our website, contact us here.

Handling Access Log

The TEPCO Web site records users' information in the form of an access log. It includes IP address, host name, browser name and the time of access of the user who accessed the TEPCO Web site, except information that could be used to identify the user personally. The access log is used for maintaining the TEPCO Web site and collecting statistics to analyze the trends in the TEPCO Web site access, and is not used for any other purpose.

Links to Other Websites

The TEPCO Web site may contain links to web sites of other corporations and organizations. TEPCO is in no way responsible for the handling of personal information on these other web sites.

Use of Cookies

In order to correct statistical data of the use of our websites, and to improve convenience of customer's access, we may use cookie technologies in our websites. However, we will not use the information obtained from cookies to identify individuals, nor to invade one's privacy.
Customers can refuse to use these technologies. However, in those cases, our websites may not function or be displayed correctly.

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