Fuel Utilization Technology Using Combustion Testing Facility


To decrease cost of electricity, it is necessary to seek out low-cost fuels that are not currently being used and develop technology so that the fuels can be used for power generation in a stable manner. At TRI, we are developing technology for suitability evaluation and operation of fuel in thermal power stations.

Main Results

Fuel Evaluation Research Using Small Combustion Testing Facility and Corresponding Applications

Although efforts are being made to expand the types of coal used for low-rank coal such as brown coal in order to lower the cost of power generation, these types of fuels are poor quality and can interfere with stable operation. In order to search the operating performance of various types of fuel and their optimal operating conditions, we have installed a small fuel testing facility at TRI and are performing fuel testing in order to evaluate combustion quality (unburnt combustible content and NOx emission) and develop operating methods. Combustion testing can be used for various fuels such as for evaluating the appropriateness of materials such as low-rank coal and upgraded brown coal, as well as oil and biomass for use as thermal fuel.

Combustion Test Facility Flowchart

Relationship of Unburned carbon NOx Concentration with Mixed Coal

Outdoor Combustion Evaluation Test Area (Combustion Furnace)

Applications and Examples of Results

This test facility is used to evaluate combustibility in thermal power plants of group companies. It is also used widely for testing contracted by other companies to evaluate the combustibility of various types of fuel from coal to biomass.

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