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Keeping firmly in mind that the safety of the workers and employees who are involved in the decommissioning operation is the highest priority, we are addressing the improvement of their work environment to increase efficiency through the reduction of exposure via decontamination, etc. and the reduction of their workload by simplifying protective equipment, and ensuring the thorough provision of facilities to support their physical and mental well being.

Many workers and operators are engaged in the decommissioning project over medium to long term period, and we believe that ensuring their safety and providing them with a better work environment are essential for the success of this project. And in cooperation with them, we will address the acceleration of the work on site and improve reliability.

Work environment

  • Measures to reduce exposed dose and improve the work environment
    • Expansion of the areas without full face-covered mask restrictions by speeding up decontamination work
    • Speeding up of the work of handling contaminated water by removing rubble on the ocean side.
    • Speeding up of contaminated water treatment by improving the multi-nuclide removal equipment (ALPS).
  • Improvement of recreation facilities (creation of Fukushima Daiichi new office building, large refreshment room, and lunch center).
  • Rise in service remuneration for workers.
  • Emergency Care
    Emergency Care
  • Dormitory
  • Control radiation exposuring
    Control radiation exposuring

Exposure Dose of Workers

TEPCO has been managing the exposure dose of workers at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, so that workers at the site can feel secure. We will continue our effort to reduce the exposure dose as much as possible.

TEPCO evaluates the exposure dose of workers and submits the results to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare every month.


◆Average Exposure Dose of Workers and its Distribution in May, 2018


  *The dose limit specified by law is 100mSv/5years・50mSv/year. To average 100mSv/5years, the value by year is 20mSv, and the value by month is 1.71mSv.


(Note) The values of the exposure dose in the table above are
    subject to change, because there are times when APD
    data are replaced with monthly dose data measured by
    integral dosimeters. Or dose data of workers who wore
    only an integral dosimeter (ex.,workers who entered only
    the Main Anti-earthquake Building) need to be updated in
    the table after its publication.

◆Monthly Transition of Exposure Dose of Individual Workers


Management to ensure safety and assure quality

  • Creation of operational procedures in line with the actual work on site, thorough participation in hazard prediction (KY) activities, and enhancement of communication with cooperative companies.
  • Clarification of where the responsibility lies in the chain of command on site, including the relationship with subcontractors.
  • Reinforcement of the structure and personnel of the safety and quality control departments, etc.
    • Creation of the "Function in charge of safety and quality" that supervises the safety and quality control departments of the head office and the nuclear power stations.
    • Increase of the personnel of the safety and quality control departments in the nuclear power stations.
    • Allocation of skilled staff specialized in labor environmental improvement.

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