President’s Message

TEPCO Energy Partner has primarily two missions.

The first is to provide power services that our customers continue to choose into the future. Power services that are not affected by tight supply-demand situations and fluctuate little in terms of price are indispensable for bringing peace of mind to our customers and enabling them to develop their businesses.

We are improving agility on both the power supply-side and the demand-side in order to provide such power services.
By flexibly optimizing power supply portfolios that combine stable power supply contracts with market procurement on the power supply-side, with load curves that utilize demand response and virtual power plants on the demand-side, we provide service that is stable in terms of both quantity and price.

Currently, there are many customers in the Tokyo Metropolitan area who have no electricity supplier and signed up for TEPCO Power Grid’s last resort supply service.
TEPCO Energy Partner continues to offer a market hybrid plan option by which electricity rates are determined in accordance with power market spot prices. Under the same calculation conditions, this option is cheaper than the last resort supply service, so we suggest that these customers apply through our website.

We will never abandon our customers.

Our second mission is to achieve carbon neutrality.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, the TEPCO Group is engaged in many initiatives to utilize zero-emission power sources, such as renewable energies and nuclear power. However, at the same time, in order to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the whole of Japan, it is important that we encourage our customers to become carbon neutral as well.

TEPCO Energy Partner is promoting the “local production/local consumption of energy” by which customers generate the power they need through solar energy, etc., store that power in storage batteries, and use only the amount that they need when they need it.

The “local production/local consumption of energy” is a new type of power service that is not easily impacted by the external environment, such as fuel prices and the power market.
Furthermore, since we are utilizing solar power and storage batteries, we are able to leverage the most out of renewables thereby continually reducing the amount of grid power consumed, and ultimately reducing the cost burden on the customer. And, in the end, this helps to maintain power supply stability.

Amidst the global trend towards decarbonization, TEPCO Energy Partner is proactively promoting the local production/local consumption of energy with the intent to strengthen this worldwide movement.

Momoko Nagasaki
President & CEO
TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc.

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