President's Message

President's Message

Harnessing Natural Resources
for Energy and Society

It has been three years since TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. assumed TEPCO Holdings, Inc.’s renewable energies business in April 2020, and became an independent company dedicated solely to the renewable energy generation business.

Global initiatives aimed at achieving carbon neutrality have gained momentum and our customers’ interest in CO2-free electricity is growing rapidly. An example of this is the increasing number of companies each year that have joined RE100, which aims to supply all of the energy required for business activities via renewable energy sources.

TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. perceives these trends as business opportunities and will leverage the experience and know-how it has cultivated over many years through the development, planning, construction and O&M* of hydroelectric and wind power plants to newly develop 6~7 million kW of power in Japan and overseas by FY2030 as it promotes the use of renewable energies as primary energy sources.

In the domestic hydroelectric power industry, which is our primary business, we aim to modernize and make more efficient by centralizing operation control bases and repowering aging small and medium-sized hydroelectric power stations, which we are still working on. We will also engage in digital transformation (DX) across areas such as sensing technology, big data/analytics, and smart O&M that utilizes AI, as we aim to strengthen our abilities as a company and further reform our business model.

Furthermore, based on the experience and know-how that we have cultivated through our domestic hydroelectric power business, we are proactively engaging in overseas projects that focus primarily on hydroelectricity.
In February 2022, we invested in our third overseas project; a renewable energy operator in Indonesia. We will continue to engage in development in countries and regions in a positive way that have high potential for development.
We will leverage the technical know-how we have cultivated to increase the value of the power stations in which we have invested, and promote the economical use of renewable energies throughout the world.

With regard to wind power production, we have performed demonstration experiments on Japan’s first ocean floor-anchored wind power generation facility, located off the coast of Choshi, and put this demonstration power plant into commercial use. Through this project we have gained experience in constructing, operating, and maintaining a wind power generation facility under harsh ocean and weather conditions, always working in harmony with the surrounding environment and the fishing industry.
Using this knowledge, we are now equipped to handle everything from the planning and construction, to the O&M of wind power production facilities.
Additionally, in anticipation of the further development of floating-foundation offshore wind power farms, we are participating in New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Green Innovation Fund projects, and the TetraSpar wind turbine demonstration project off the coast of Norway.
In order to move forward with the development of approximately six to seven million kW of power generation facilities, we issued Green Bonds twice during FY2021, and will continue to procure capital through flexible means, such as sustainable financing and project financing, etc.

Based on our principle of, “Harnessing Natural Resources for Energy and Society” TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc. shall harness the natural resources to the best of our ability in order to provide a stable supply of electricity at low cost thereby spreading the use of renewable energies both domestically and abroad, and contributing to carbon neutrality and the development of regionally-rooted industry as we aim to create a sustainable “energy society of the future.”

April 2022
TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc.

*O&M: Operation and Maintenance

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