Customer Communication

How to Apply for Commencement of Electricity Service
Please try the following four steps at your new home. img01
If the electricity does not turn on after completing the above operations or if the application form for usage of electricity is not found at your home, please contact us.
If the electricity does not turn on, we will soon send a TEPCO service staff to your home.
Please fill out the Application Form
img02 Please fill out the following blanks:
  1. Name of applicant
  2. Telephone number of applicant
  3. Address of home where electricity is used
  4. Start date of electricity usage (move in date)
Enter information 5, 6 and 7 if the person who will use the electricity differs from the one who will pay the electricity bill.
  1. Name of person who pays the electricity bill
  2. Telephone number of the person who pays the electricity bill
  3. Address to where the bill should be sent
After filling in each blank, please send the application form back using the return envelope.

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