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What to Do When The Electricity Does Not Turn On

When the electricity does not turn on, please call the TEPCO customer center.
When you call, please tell us your address, name, phone number, and what you determine to be the cause of blackout. Make sure all electrical appliances are unplugged, except for room lighting.
[ When you investigate the source of the problem yourself, do as instructed below ]



img03 When the power is out in your neighborhood
A power failure may have occurred because our electric service facilities have broken down due to a typhoon, lightning, or a traffic accident. In such a case, turn off all electrical appliances, except for room lighting, as a safety precaution for when the power is back on again.
If the power goes back on in every home in the neighborhood except your own, please carry out the same operations as you would do when the leakage circuit breaker has activated (please see below). If these operations fail to work, contact your nearest TEPCO customer center. We will send a service staff to your home.

What to do when the leakage circuit breaker has activated
img04 Please contact us at any time for assistance.
If you want to do it yourself:

  1. Make sure first that the leakage circuit breaker is switched off.
  2. Turn off all the no-fuse circuit breakers.
  3. Make sure that the ampere breaker switch is in the ON position.
  4. Switch on the leakage circuit breaker.
  5. Turn on the no-fuse circuit breakers one by one.

When your electricity won't work, contact TEPCO
In the case of a power outage, our service staff will visit your residence at any time. When calling TEPCO to report power outage, be sure to give your name, address, telephone number and a detailed explanation of your situation.

Power outages may be caused by construction work
In some unavoidable cases, electricity supply may be temporarily suspended so that we can carry out work such as moving power poles and lines. This work may be carried out for any number of reasons, including improvements to wiring or customers' other needs arising from increased usage. Advance notice of such work will be given in the form of fliers, posters, etc.

What is the ampere capacity of my current account?
If your circuit breakers are repeatedly activated even though your electrical appliances are all in good working order, it is possible that you are using electricity beyond your account's ampere capacity.

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