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How to Pay Your Electricity Bill
You can pay your electricity bill via the account transfer payment or credit card payment. If you wish to use these payment method, please see below for instructions on how to file an application for account transfer.
Otherwise you will be required to pay your bill using a payment voucher.

1. Account transfer payment
Monthly electricity charge will be paid automatically out of your bank or post office account.
Your application for this payment method will be accepted at the following locations:
(We will send you an application form upon request.)

  • A bank or a post office where you have your own account

2. Payment by voucher
We will send you a payment form as shown below. You can use this prescribed form to pay your electricity bill at the following locations:

  • The nearest post office
  • The nearest bank or convenience store where the payment of electricity bills is accepted

3. Credit Card Payment
This is the way that your credit card company pays your monthly electricity bill for you, and then, charges you for credit card charge.

You can apply for this payment method at the following locations:

  • Credit card companies listed below or the nearest TEPCO customer center

Credit card companies
APLUS Co.,Ltd.
EPOS Card Co.,Ltd.
Orient Corporation
Credit Saison Co.,Ltd.
JCB Co., Ltd.
Citi Cards Japan, Inc.
Cedyna Financial Corporation
Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited
Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.
UC Card Co.,Ltd.
Rakuten Card Co., Ltd.

Information from credit card company
  • Customers with a high-voltage contract, lump-sum payment contract, or payment by voucher contract under the electricity supply service contract with TEPCO are excluded from this service.
  • There may be a case that you are charged for two months at a time due to the timing of the credit card company’s closing date for billing and the date of our checking the meter or clerical procedures that force us to delay the billing of the current month to the following month.
  • Payments will be made by one time charge.
Information from TEPCO
  • Please note that the “account transfer discount service” is not offered for credit card payment.
  • Credit card payment will start from the next or after the next billing after acceptance of application. We will inform you when your credit card payment starts through a“notice of electricity consumption”etc.
  • Until your credit card payment starts, you are requested to pay by the current payment method.
  • As TEPCO will not issue bills and/or receipts, please confirm your credit card statements that are sent from your credit card companies.
  • If your credit card company does not allow credit card payment for electricity or other bills based on your credit card company’s rules or when your membership was terminated, we will charge you directly to make payment by any payment method other than credit cards.
How to Read the Voucher
1. Billing month
2. Amount billed
3. Consumption tax, etc.
4. Name of person who pays the electricity bill
5. Telephone number of TEPCO customer center
6. Deadline for payment


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