Brand Message

Power Transmission and Distribution Network that Achieves the World's Best Quality and Low Costs

Our primary mission is to constantly provide electricity, the basic foundation of everyone's daily life and all industry, on a daily basis in a safe and stable manner with no stoppage.
Our company, TEPCO, has been responsible for constructing the transmission network spread across the massive never-sleeping Tokyo Metropolitan Area, as well as for protecting the social infrastructure with an essential role in the operation of the country's headquarters.

Now and into the future, the force driving our business operations is our sense of responsibility in using all of capabilities to perform recovery measures when a typhoon or similar disaster occurs by implementing them sooner than any other company, and performing them in a rapid and composed manner, providing us with great experience and pride in responding properly to a wide variety of conditions.

In regards to the great expectations for full deregulation of electricity and natural energy in the future, TEPCO Power Grid has introduced smart meters to deepen the connection with our customers, and the company is participating in programs such as smart cities and attractive urban development that promote the use of sustainable energy as part of various measures we are proactively taking on the challenge to implement.

Moreover, we will be thoroughly optimizing and reducing costs of our various transmission networks by creating usage environments for diverse power sources, continually decreasing consignment fees, and optimal network operation by using smart meter data as we continually strive to create a fair and highly transparent power transmission environment that is easy to use for all users.

We take great pride in these components of our world-class transmission system for which there are increasing expectations in numerous countries now for our system as next-generation technology, enabling us to further accelerate our network services to global markets.

As we move towards coexistence with renewable energy, we will continue to create a low-cost transmission network that is the most reliable in the world.

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