Communication Lines

Communication lines with a length half the distance to the sun

Flawless Network System

Communication for the security of power generation capable of accurately and efficiently transmitting information such as operating status and accident information for power generation equipment is essential for the stable supply of electricity. Microwave radio and satellite communication that is rarely affected by disasters, OPGW (optical ground wire) capable of transmitting high-capacity information, and optical fiber communication are used in the transmission paths of this communication for power generation security. This extremely important system performs tasks such device duplexing and multi-route transmission paths to create a highly reliable communications network.

Communication Network Linking TEPCO's Offices (Head and Managing Branch Offices), Power Stations, and Substations

  • Microwave Radio Communication Tower

  • Satellite Communication Equipment

  • OPGW and Fiber Optic Cable

Circuit Length of Network Communication

Our communication network is spread out across the area of TEPCO like the mesh of a net.
If all our lines were made into a single telephone line, it would measure some 80 million km.
This is equivalent to about half the distance from the earth to the sun.

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