Business Strategy

Our two major goals are to achieve a world-class cost price by FY2025 and to obtain 100 billion yen in sales from businesses other than transmission services by FY2026. We aim to achieve these goals by "Culminating" the technology that we have cultivated, "Creating" new value in fields other than transmission services, and "Expanding" into new business areas.
We plan to generate revenue through these two major goals and are committed to allocating approximately 120 billion yen of annual revenue to the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and will fulfill our responsibilities regarding the reconstruction of Fukushima which is the top priority of the TEPCO group.

Achievement of both reduction of transmission costs and stable supply

Applying "kaizen" activities (Toyota Kaizen) to more than 80% of the work in order to double productivity, aiming to raise the efficiency of personnel and further reduce costs in order to eventually improve competitiveness.

In addition, with the effective use of the advantages of digitalization, we will continue our efforts to promote nonconsecutive business structure reform to reduce maintenance costs, improve staff productivity, and create new business projects.

Improve convenience through upgrades to the transmission line network

Through initiatives such as the integrated operation, planning, and investment in wide-area power transmission networks and the introduction of the smart meter system, we aim to create new value from the power transmission and distribution network so as to meet the diversified needs of customers and the general public, such as the total deregulation of retail electricity sales, expansion of the use of renewable energy, and technological innovation such as storage batteries.

Expansion of business areas

We aim to expand our business areas through initiatives such as making the most of technological competencies that we have cultivated and the power transmission and distribution network that we have constructed, developing a platform business that generates new value, and participation in overseas power transmission and distribution business projects.


Digital Transformation

Through Digital Transformation(DX), TEPCO PG is going to achieve Grid digitalization, Monetization of digital solutions, Data-driven business operations, and Borderless utilization of human resources.


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