Business Overview

Role of TEPCO Power Grid

TEPCO Power Grid is responsible for nearly one-third of all the power supplied in Japan.
Japan currently ranks as the third largest energy consumer in the world (after the US and China).
The amount of energy provided by TEPCO Power Grid to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area - the heart of Japan's economy - accounts for around one-third of the total power consumption rate for Japan.
The number and length of power outages per customer household demonstrate our world-class power stability.
With the responsibility to provide electricity to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, TEPCO Power Grid continually provides a stable, high quality power supply.
Our extremely reliable equipment and facilities together with our advanced technology allow us to maintain world-class power stability with only 0.06 power outages annually (FY2015) and an outage length of 6 minutes annually (FY2015).

By FY2020, we will have installed a total of 29 million smart meters within the TEPCO Power Grid area.
Smart meters are power meters that provide visualization of electricity use status through automation of monthly meter reading, HEMS (home energy management system), and similar methods. Their introduction has contributed to the diversification of electricity rate menus and energy savings for society as a whole, and they are expected to provide many other benefits such as the reduction of future capital investment for power supply.

Our Network Area(Transmission Lines)

154-kV system and 66-kV underground transmission lines are omitted.

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