The Project for Assistance of Enhancement of Energy Management System in Serbia

Project overview

The Republic of Serbia (Serbia) aims to become an EU member state by 2020 and is required to adopt the EU Directive on Energy Efficiency as a condition for EU accession. To fulfill the condition, Serbia has adopted the "Energy Management System" scheme, which has been in operation in Japan since 1979. The scheme starts in 2017 and will oblige designated organizations that exceed a certain amount of energy consumption to assign Energy Managers, who are persons qualified through training at the Center, and submit Periodic Reports on energy savings achieved through their energy efficiency measures. Designated organizations are factories and buildings, as well as facilities of the Central Government and Local Self-Government Units.
TEPCO HD assisted in the scheme design for Serbia's Energy Management System through a JICA Development Study (2009-2011) and then the preparation of the "Law on Efficient Use of Energy", which was adopted in March 2013, including the content of the Energy Management System. In this Project, since 2014 TEPCO HD has continuously assisted in the creation of the Energy Management System by providing support for the preparation of secondary legislation, creating the training and qualification system for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors, aiding with the procurement and construction of training facilities, and devising training for instructors, etc.

  • Seminar about Energy Management System for Industrial companies

  • Training facility in Serbian Energy Efficiency Center

  • Training

1. Name [Serbia] The Project for Assistance of Enhancement of Energy Management System
2. Period of implementation March 2014 - February 2018
3. Target The Republic of Serbia
4. Content
  1. Support for establishment of the scheme (establishment of secondary laws relating to Energy Management System for Serbia)
  2. Creation of training programs for Energy Manager and Energy Auditor and training of instructors for the training programs
  3. Support for procurement and supervision of training facilities
  4. Training of instructors for training facilities
  5. Support for dissemination of the scheme (holding seminars, etc.)
  6. Provision of advice and conducting of reviews after implementation of the scheme

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