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Establishment of “TEPCO Decommissioning Archive Center”

Jul 27, 2018

Tokyo, July 27, 2018 - TEPCO announced today that it will open a “TEPCO Decommissioning Archive Center” at the site of its Former Energy Museum at Tomioka town in Fukushima prefecture in November 2018. The new facility will include exhibits illustrating the unfolding of the Fukushima nuclear accident, and the latest status of decommissioning work.

In response to requests from the local Tomioka authorities, TEPCO had been considering the establishment of such an exhibition center as part of its Comprehensive Special Business Plan, which was approved in January 2014.

TEPCO keenly feels its responsibility to record the events and preserve the memory of the Fukushima nuclear accident, a disaster that caused serious damage and loss of life in local communities across the Tohoku region and had a major impact on Japanese society.

We see it as our mission to communicate the lessons learned from the accident to those both inside and outside the company. We also believe it is important to demonstrate the progress we are making with decommissioning work, and to highlight the very long-term nature of these efforts.

We will do our best to make people feel reassured by the recovery efforts underway at Fukushima, and, in cooperation with other relevant organizations, we intend to pass on the memories and lessons learned from the nuclear accident to future generations.

Reference: Outline of the “TEPCO Decommissioning Archive Center”


Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) is Japan's largest power company group, holding three independent business entities: TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc., TEPCO Power Grid, Inc., and TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc. As a group, it generates, distributes, and sells electricity and other types of energy principally to the Kanto metropolitan area, which includes Japan's two most populous cities, Tokyo and Yokohama. Its 42,060 employees are committed to providing safe, reliable power as well as fulfilling its responsibilities to the communities of Fukushima. (As of April 1, 2017)

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