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Disciplinary Action

February 15, 2021

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO HD)

We would like to sincerely apologize for the great concern that we have caused amongst the residents of the local community, and society as a whole, as a result of a TEPCO Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station employee using another individual’s ID card to gain unauthorized access to a power station building, which occurred in September of last year.
TEPCO HD considers this incident to be of the utmost seriousness and the decision has been made to take the following disciplinary action against the following individuals in order to further clarify managerial responsibility and thoroughly implement recurrence prevention measures.

-Tomoaki Kobayakawa, President                        Reprimanded
-Shigenori Makino, General Manager,
     Nuclear Power & Plant Siting Division            Censured
-Takeo Ishii, Site Superintendent,
     Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station   10% salary reduction for one month

In addition to the individuals mentioned above, in order to thoroughly implement recurrence prevention measures and clarify managerial responsibility, the employees, supervisors, and managers involved in this incident (10 individuals) have been disciplined as follows.
     6 individuals     Suspended
     1 individual      Reprimanded
     3 individuals     Warned

In addition to the countermeasures that have already been implemented, TEPCO will further review this incident and implement more countermeasures in light of the need to take action to construct a more robust nuclear material protection system at its power stations.

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