Press Release
Department Reorganization

June 15, 2021

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

On August 1 of this year, TEPCO shall reorganize departments as follows:

Establishment of a D&D Information & Planning Management Office within the Fukushima Daiichi Decontamination & Decommissioning Engineering Company (FDEC)
    In light of the fact that we were unable to sufficiently provide information that addressed the concerns of regional residents and society in the wake of the earthquake that occurred off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture in February 2021, we will establish a D&D Information & Planning Management Office within the FDEC so that we can always keep the region and society in mind, and quickly convey information that is highly transparent.

Establishment of a D&D Research & Development Center within the FDEC
    A D&D Research & Development Center will be established within the FDEC for the centralized development of technology that meets field conditions, and to examine new knowledge when technical issues arise in the course of decommissioning.


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