Basic Policy

  1. We will give the highest priority possible to purchasing environmentally friendly products.
  2. We will proactively endeavor to build a sound material cycle society in collaboration with our suppliers.
  3. Each and every employee will act independently in proactively taking action to support these efforts.


We will implement green procurement actions focused mainly on the following three points.

  1. Implement green purchasing for office supplies used within our company.
  2. Solicit suggestions for reducing environmental impact from our suppliers.
  3. Confirm our suppliers’ efforts related to their environmental management system.

"Implement green purchasing for office supplies and equipment"

Target items: Office supplies, OA equipment and consumables, furniture, printed material, uniforms, etc.

  1. We will always be sure to consider the necessity of the purchase before purchasing. Additionally, we will select products by considering the environmental burden over the product life-cycle from resources extraction to disposal.
  2. We will purchase products that satisfy the standards for eco-friendly products as stipulated by the "Green Procurement Guidelines".
  3. We are collecting wide-ranging information on eco-friendly products.

"Solicit suggestions for reducing environmental impact"

Suggestion targets: Equipment mainly focused on electric power equipment, construction materials and methods, contracted work details.

  1. We are soliciting suggestions ("Eco Suggestions") to reduce the environmental burden in the production (construction) and use stages.
  2. Our suppliers are requested to provide "Eco Suggestion Forms" (specified by TEPCO) to indicate the effects and costs of reducing the environmental impact.
  3. To determine whether a suggestion is adopted, we perform a comprehensive evaluation that includes environmental performance (such as energy conservation, recyclability, durability, and reduction of waste and packaging material) in addition to the conventional criteria of price and quality (technology).

"Measures to create an Environmental Management System"

  1. Our major suppliers have provided an "Environmental Management System Check Sheet (Self-Check Sheet Specified by TEPCO)" that we have created based on ISO 14001 in order to ascertain the status of our Environmental Management System (EMS).
  2. As we will use this check sheet for determining supplier selection, we may request that a supplier provide this "Environmental Management System Check Sheet (Self-Check Sheet Specified by TEPCO)".


  • Documents, materials, and other items received from suppliers will not be revealed to any third-party without prior consent being given.


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